Pressing On is the only fitness center in San Antonio to offer Power Plate®  Acceleration Training™. Our commercial grade Power Plate® Pro5™ has a greater number of settings, as well as the largest plate surface, which provides maximum exposure to vibrations.

This scientifically proven method of vibration training is widely accepted within the rehab, medical, and fitness communities, as it offers a new and exciting way to get optimal results in just a fraction of the time.

Our One-on-One Private Acceleration Training ™ sessions are individualized to help you get the best results possible based on your specific body, health, and wellness goals or needs.

Three 25 minute sessions of Whole Body Vibration Training per week have shown to improve weight loss, strength and flexibility, as well as increase bone density,muscle tone and metabolism...all without the impact on the joints of regular exercise. This makes it a very accessible and convenient form of exercise for people of all ages and ability levels

Packaged deals and unlimited monthly rates are now available!

Contact Us to make an appointment and try the Power Plate ® for yourself. Let us show you how you can benefit from this amazing technology.